Welcome to the Glebe Garden Club (Ipswich)

The Glebe Garden Club (Ipswich) was formed in November 1999 and is an outreach ministry of the Ipswich Uniting Church – Glebe Road, Booval. The club functions are conducted in the “Activities Hall” at the corner of Glebe Road and Green Street, opposite Cameron Park.

The primary role of the Glebe Garden Club is that of a community garden club servicing the community for anyone to join and become a member.

The Glebe Garden Club operates in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, is multifunctional in its activities and does not specialize in any plant species.

It is a garden club that focuses on all aspects of gardening and plants!

Origin of Club Name

The Glebe Garden Club got its name primarily from the term “Glebe” – that being an old term to describe a plot of ground used to grow garden produce.

A “Glebe” was also used to describe land granted to a clergyman as part of his benefice – an old practice of providing a permanent income for high-ranking church positions.

History has it (1880) that there was such a “Glebe” situated on Glebe Road in Ipswich.

At that time Glebe Road was known as Albert Street. “Glebe”, being tied to the ground and the fact that the Uniting Church is on Glebe Road, the Glebe Garden Club (Ipswich) was given its name.


The focus of the club has, and will always be, people. Because the club involves members from many walks of life, it is totally focused on the sensitivity of its members.

It is often in sharing and working alongside others that the greatest bonds of friendship are built, and meaningful dialogue takes place.


You are most welcome at the Glebe Garden Club!